Beyond Bullet Points

People tend to think of presentations in the same way: Plain, white slides, with line upon line of bullet points, stretching on and on. If you're lucky, every once and awhile you will come across someone who has used one of the professional templates built into PowerPoint, but even then, it's the same arrangement of content within nice wrapping.

Lumaweave Presentations is the flagship department of Lumaweave Studios, and we design presentations like no other. Instead of lists of talking points, we create innovative strings of animated graphics for each presentation we design. These graphics are designed natively for use in presentations, and convey information in interesting, engaging, and memorable ways.

Multimedia, Multisensory

While the majority of our graphics are designed natively within presentation software to ensure fluidity of animation, speed, and quality, we are also commited to creating unique experiences that are designed to perfectly complement their content.

To this end, we readily integrate all manner of visual material, from external animations, to videos, to even sound clips, all seamlessly integrated together within the presentation file to create a revolutionary communication system.

Outside the Box

It may seem like a presentation design group's job is done once the digital presentation file is finalized and sent off to the client, but that is not the case with us.

We believe that the same care and attention that is given to the visual design should be given to the presenter themself, and to this end, we offer the option of working 1-on-1 with one of our presentation specialists, to ensure that you and your newly crafted presentation work in perfect harmony.

Years of Experience

Our design team has years of experience in years of experience in crafting revolutionary presentations.

From marketing communications, to inter-department presentations, to international conferences, our designs have recieved critical aclaim.