A Personal Touch

Stock photography libraries provide a divserse source of imagery for use in projects. However, Lumaweave believes in deep personalization and originality in every step of the creative process. Therefore, by operating our own Lumaweave Photography department, we can ensure that the photographs used in our projects not only adhere to our strict quality guidelines, but also offer your project an unparalleled level of personlization.

Wide-Ranging Technique

Our photographers are constantly experimenting, learning, and practising new techniques. This results in a team that is able to capture a diverse range of subjects in all manner of styles. From greyscale, to HDR, to macro, to landscapes, to portraits, the Lumaweave Photographers are skilled at capuring a unique perspective in their shots.

Cutting-Edge Post-Processing

It was the trailblazing computer scientist Grace Hopper who said, "The most dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’" We at Lumaweave believe this wholeheartedly, and as such, we make a concerted effort to to constantly reevaluate our approaches to every aspect of design.

Our photographers and editors regularly test and make use of cutting-edge new post-processing software and techniques, crafting images with an impact that would not be possible with traditional tools.

Shot for .edu

As with all Lumaweave departments, the photographs captured and developed by Lumaweave Photography are tailored specifically for use in education settings. We put a great deal of thought into how to craft visual imagery that catches the eye, and thanks to the beauty and quality of our shots, we pride ourselves on being able to quickly and efficiently communicate core ideas, enhance related content, and stimulate memory retention.

Our photographers are specialists when it comes to transforming concepts into visual statements, and are guaranteed to put a fresh and engaging twist on any subject area.