Personalized Web Design

The web is a canvas of infinite opportunity... However, technical prowess remains a bar to entry, limiting the scope of what can be created. While a wide range of 'do it yourself' platforms have been created to help users develop their own websites, the visual impact of these sites also limited by the constraints of the software, and the design theory used in their construction.

Lumaweave Interactive blends the visual impact of a platform crafted by professional designers, and the flexibility of web development, mixing frameworks, various web platforms, and hand-coded elements into a range of powerful and effective communication tools.

We bring this delicate balance with us throughout all of our designs, with a goal of helping professors, department heads, and other education-based institutions better communicate their ideas in the best and most effective way possible.

Multiple Development Frameworks

Our web development team draws from a wide-ranging palette of design applications, mixing popular web frameworks (blogs, forums, etc.), custom-generated animation and presentation code, and personalized hand-coded work, all together into seemless designs that communicate your ideas clearly, using all the modern capabilities of internet presentation.

We constantly reevaluate our development tools and approaches, to remain on the cutting edge of interactive development.

Interactive Animation

In addition to crafting, customising, and managing web coding, frameworks, and platforms, we are also able to develop generated native-web animations, customized to your specific communication need, while still taking advantage of all the wonderful interactivity the web has to offer.

During your consultation with one of our Lumaweave Interactive Designers, you can discuss possible applications for custom animation within your future design.

Server Management, Simplified.

One of the most confusing elements to running a website or web-based design is how to maintain the files on a remote web server.

To alleviate this confusion and frustration, Lumaweave Interactive offers limited-scope concierge file hosting and server management, allowing you to focus on the content of your communication, and allow us to manage the design, coding, and server management.

For terms of service, limitations, and more information on our concierge file hosting, please discuss this service during your consultation with one of our Lumaweave Interactive Designers.