Digital Graphics

The digital landscape is more visual than any other landscape. Graphical ways of conveying information abound, but there is a tremendous range in the quality of these designs.

Digital graphics produced by the Lumaweave Graphics Studio are guaranteed to be crafted to the highest standard. Our designs are always high-resolution, and optimised to render and dispaly quickly and beautifully in any intended usage-case scenario, be it a web graphic, presentation call-out, animation resource, or other category.

Print Graphics

Digital graphics have quickly become the future of visual communication. However, we understand that there are still scenarios where print graphics are required to make the best impression.

Lumaweave Graphics is prepared to support you in any real-world printed design you might need, including flyers, posters, business cards, meeting handouts, and more.

We will design the graphic for you adhering our high standards, then depending on how you wish to approach the printing process, we can present you with a high-resolution digital file for you to print yourself, or, if you'd rather not worry about the technical details, we will take the file to the printers ourselves and deliver you the finished physical product.

Regardless of which delivery path you wish to take, all of our print-ready designs are highly optimized for the translation from screen-to-paper, including thorough colour-matching from RGB to CMYK, and allocating enough resolution to ensure a high DPI count, guaranteeing that your printed materials will be smooth and bright.

Made with the Utmost Precision

All of our graphics projects, regardless of whether they are destined for digital or print use, are crafted according to our highest quality standards. We consider every step of the development process to ensure that your graphics are crisp, with pixel-level precision, bright well-coordinated colour tones, and optimization for the intended usage-case scenario.

Designed for .edu

As with all Lumaweave departments, the designs created by Lumaweave Graphics are tailored specifically for use in education settings. We put a great deal of thought into how to create visual designs that catch the eye, and thanks to the beauty and quality of our designs, we pride ourselves on being able to quickly and efficiently communicate core ideas, enhance related content, and stimulate memory retention.

Our designers are specialists when it comes to transforming concepts into visual statements, and are guaranteed to put a fresh and engaging twist on any subject area.