Technical Precision

Our video projects are created with technical precision in mind. In order to further our goal of creating multimedia instructional content, we craft our videos so that they are sharp, legible, and put the content first.

End-to-End Workflow

At Lumaweave Films, we are involved in every aspect of the video production workflow, from setting up the lighting, to operating the cameras, to managing the files on-set, to developing, post-processing, encoding, and rendering, we apply our precision and care to everything, meaning your finished work will look just right.

Innovative Usage-Cases

Videos are most commonly used to convey motion, or a conversation, or other such multi-dimensional content. While we certainly produce such content, we also believe in making use of video in innovative ways. From integrating videos and video elements within presentations, to using video material as backgrounds within websites, we consider all manner of ways to make use of this medium that will capture attention with its ingenuity.

Recorded for .edu

There are many film studios around the world, and they range from crafting small indie productions, to multimillion-dollar blockbuster films. Lumaweave Films specializes in instructional design video content, meaning our work is primarily meant for use in schools and universities, with training videos, educational clips, archival footage recordings, etc.

By focusing our designs on the world of education, we seek to bring a higher level of quality to one of the most important invenstments our world can make in the future: Learning.