Professional Recording

Some projects need recorded audio to increase the scope of multisensory communication. We understand this, and the Lumaweave Audio department is designed to ensure that your recorded audio will maintain the high standard of quality we offer across all of our departments.

With our professional recording equipment, and personalized end-to-end workflow, we will guarantee that your voiceovers, archival speech recordings, and audio clips are as sharp as the visuals they accompany.


After a recording session, our job is not done. We maintain and are constantly developing our personalized post-production workflows, including file management, noise suppression, volume management, and high-quality rendering, to ensure that not only is your audio crisp and clear, but also properly packaged and ready to be used in its intended usage-case scenario.

Professional Voiceover

To improve the impact of your message, sometimes a presentation or video could benefit from a voiceover track. At Lumaweave Audio, our professional voiceover artists will be more than happy to work with you, recording and packaging a clean, high-quality audio track that can be used in any manner of project.

Multi-Platform Integration

While we are happy to deliver you a high-quality MP3 download of your audio files if you wish, the true strength of our audio department comes from file integration within our other studio departments.

Lumaweave Audio works in perfect harmony with other Lumaweave Departments, such as Presentations, Interactive, Films, and Animation, by developing the audio with specific usage-cases in mind. Have a presentation that needs an archival voiceover? After our recording session, we will work with our presentation team to package the audio file with your presentation, saving you the hassle of working with separate resources. Have a video shoot scheduled with our Films department? Lumaweave Audio will work with the camera operators to ensure that your audio is treated with the same care as the video.