2D Motion Graphics

Animation offers an incredible canvas of opportunity, and our team knows how to use that canvas to convey ideas with our in intriguing, sohpisticated, and eye-catching designs.

Our 2D animation team are experts in converting ideas to motion graphics, and will be happy to sit down with you during a consultation and plan out a specific solution to your unique communication project.

3D Motion Graphics

Sometimes the added depth of 3D animation is just what is needed to convey a certain message or concept. When this is the case, our 3D animation team is prepared to assist you with creating the perfect design.

Multi-Platform Development

One typically thinks of animation as a video-based medium, but in fact, animation is involved in many different visual environments, from presentations to websites. Our animation team is skilled in a range of animation-design software, and is capable of crafting the perfect design to specifically meet the needs of a given medium.

Instructional & Informative

One of our core principles at Lumaweave Studios is our respect for education, information transferrence, and the ability to communicate a message clearly and beautifully. Our animation team adheres to these same tenets, always keeping in mind how to design animated content that communcates the core idea of the project.