Our Philosophy

Design plays an integral role in how we view the world around us, how we react to what we see, and how we learn. Visual communication design has grown in leaps and bounds across a wide range of industries: Advertising, Fortune 500 companies, sports broadcasting, and media networks all take advantage of increasingly sophisticated technologies to sell their products, and present their content in the best light. It is wonderful that we live in a time when visual presentation technologies and techniques are advancing so rapidly, but despite all this advancement, one field is being left behind, and that is the field of education.

Education is the perfect place to embrace visual design, as beautifully crafted learning materials are better absorbed, and altogether more effective than basic, un-styled materials. For example, if a professor gives a lecture, and presents their information in a series of ubiquitous bullet points on a blank slide, then the students will have to rely entirely upon the auditory cues of what the professor is saying about those points, using the cognitive part of their brains to shape that information into memorable content. This is a key aspect of learning, but it doesn’t take full advantage of people’s naturally powerful visual learning capabilities. Most people are visual learners, so if that same professor gives a presentation with the same content, but instead of bullet points, the content animates on screen, and makes full use of motion, colour, and other design principles, this will result in the content being presented to the students through wider range of sensory channels, increasing memorization efficiency, and strengthening neural connections.

These benefits are not only limited to classroom environments either. The same design principles can enhance the quality of faculty meetings, department presentations, campus brand images, and admissions events. Literally every situation where information needs to be communicated across parties can be enhanced through the use of design principles.

This is where Lumaweave steps in. The Lumaweave studios comprise seven high-quality design departments, each specializing in a different communication medium, yet all working together to create and provide visual learning materials of the highest quality. Through custom collaborations between our seven departments, we are able to address any communication problem a college or university is likely to come across.

Lumaweave Graphics creates digital and print graphics. Whether it is a poster, flyer, logo, web banner, map, diagram, or other, Lumaweave Graphics is able to produce crisp, beautiful, and informative designs.

Lumaweave Presentations offers a specialty service specifically tailored for academic settings. Be they classroom lectures from a professor to a group of students, or an internal department meeting among faculty, presentations are indispensable to academic life. Lumaweave Presentations is run by a team with years of experience in elevating presentations from static bullet point slides, to an art form that is sure to impress and engage an audience.

Lumaweave Audio provides auxiliary services to other departments in the form of developing original audio tracks to accompany slideshows, videos, and other such materials. However, with our high-quality recording equipment, we are also able to work with professors and other faculty members in recording high-quality voiceovers for use in online teaching materials, campus welcome videos, and more.

Lumaweave Interactive develops materials intended to be used by a target audience. This most commonly takes the form of interactive animations, websites, and web platforms, allowing clients to make use of blogs, forums, image and video galleries, informational sites, and other such resources. There are many “do-it-yourself“ web tools out there, but only Lumaweave Interactive offers designs that are functional, yet maintains the high-quality visual design ethos that is integral to all Lumaweave-brand creations.

Lumaweave Photography focuses on creating high-resolution custom and stock photography. Stock imagery is useful in many projects, but by pulling from our own private stock library rather than relying on one of the major catalogues, we are able to offer an unparalleled level of quality and personalization to all of our projects. In addition to collaborating with our other studio departments, Lumaweave Photography is also able to work with clients, delivering unique high-resolution imagery for use in their own projects.

Lumaweave Films produces custom video content specifically designed for use in academic settings. This most often takes the form of recordings for online courses, archival footage, event documentation, promo events, and more. In all of our video projects, we offer an end-to-end workflow for our clients, managing the recording equipment, footage management, editing, effects, colour correction, and publishing. Because we take equal care in each step of the video production process, our videos are high-quality, and uniquely well suited to address the needs of clients in academia.

Lumaweave Animation designs 2D and 3D animated content in a variety of software environments, creating animations for websites, presentations, and videos alike. Our animations are carefully crafted to adhere to our brand ethos, keeping the focus firmly on the message being communicated, while using motion and colour to enhance the communication of that message.